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Data Scientist

US Special Operations Command

May 2020 – Aug 2020 Tampa, Florida
Through a fellowship with Coding It Forward, I worked as a data science intern with the US Special Operations Command. I assisted in the creation of a machine learning model for predictive maintenance on CV-22 helicopters to reduce downtime & improve readiness. I also built a fullstack web application from scratch that automates the process of verifying inventory data. The tool is expected to save roughly 2,500 man hours and $102,000 annually.

Associate Data Scientist

Moksha Data

May 2020 – Present Houston, Texas
At Moksha, I have developed static and interactive reports for clients including Harvey Home Connect and the City of Houston. Most recently, I assisted in the development of an ‘equity analysis’ for the City of Houston’s first-round COVID-19 rental assistance program.

Undergraduate Research Fellow

Religion and Public Life Program

Sep 2019 – Apr 2020 Houston, Texas
Under the direction of Dr. Elaine Howard Ecklund, I worked as one of three undergraduate fellows at the Religion and Public Life Program at Rice University. I assist in the writing of literature reviews, code and categorize interview transcripts, and do general research for RPLP fellows.

Data Science and Research Intern

Texas Policy Lab

Aug 2018 – Present Houston, Texas
I conduct policy research and assist with data for the Texas Policy Lab. I create engaging data visualizations for internal and external use, develop reports detailing analyses of existing programs, and produce data dashboards for government partners.

Research Intern

Baker Institute for Public Policy, McNair Center

May 2018 – Aug 2018 Houston, Texas
Under the direction of Dr. Ed Egan, I helped create a comprehensive database of startups and accelerators in the United States at the Baker Institute for Public Policy. I matched and organized 13,000 companies from a spreadsheet to public data using SQL and Excel. I assisted in the strategic development of web crawlers to detect and classify the industry of a company.


The Pudding Cup 2020 Winner

Awarded winner (top 3) out of 130+ entries to the 2020 Pudding Cup, which is a contest for visual storytelling pieces. My piece explored the prevalence of hums in Kid Cudi’s discography.

See media here. Find the project here.

Honorable Mention, RStudio Table Contest

Received an honorable mention in the 2020 RStudio Table Contest out of 80+ entries. My entry was a tutorial regarding the replication of a table by the Economist, using an R package called reactable.

See media here. Find the project here.

Second Place, D2K Showcase

Awarded second place out of 10+ teams in the 2020 Data to Knowledge Lab’s showcase. My team provided a data science approach to predicting student engagement and success, allowing teachers to preemptively intervene in students academic careers and prevent failure.

See media here. Find the project overview here.

Bronze, Student Category

Awarded the Bronze in the Student Category at the 28th Annual Malofiej Awards (the self-described “Pulitzer for Infographics”). The award was in recognition of my visualization, ‘Mapping Missing Migrants.’

See media here. Find the project here.

First Place, COVID-19 Houston Response Projects

Awarded first place in the Rice Data to Knowledge Lab’s ‘COVID19 Houston Response Projects’ competition. My team’s project was a rigorous statistical analysis of how COVID19 impacted community movement, mobility, and social distancing.

See media here. Find the project here.

Marian Fox Martel Scholar Award

Awarded the Marian Fox Martel Scholar Award for the 2019-2020 academic year.

The award is in recognition of a Martel junior who ‘demonstrates extraordinary citizenship in various area of College life, focusing on academic excellence and who has a GPA greater than 3.5.’

First Place, 2020 Houston Policy Challenge

Awarded first place (out of 13 teams) at Rice University’s 2020 Houston Policy Challenge. Judged by Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg, U.S. Magistrate Judge Andrew Edison, Southern District of Texas, and Judge Franklin Bynum, Harris County Criminal Court at Law No. 8.

My partner and I proposed a pre-trial diversion program for pregnant women and mothers of young children. Awarded prize money and seed money for implementation.

See media here.

Student Winner, Computation and Journalism 2020 Conference

Honored with the student award for best visualization at the 2020 Computation + Journalism Conference (2020) at Northeastern University. The winning visualization was ‘Automation and Its Impact on Jobs.’

Find the project here.

First Place (Houston Track), Rice Datathon 2020

Awarded first place in the ‘Houston/Texas trends’ track at the 2020 Rice Datathon. The winning project, created in 16 hours, maps Houston homicides across time and demographics.

Find the project here.

Hudspeth Award for Best Undergraduate Paper in Political Science

Recipient of the Hudspeth Award in recognition of my seminar paper “¡Vota! Testing the Impact of Spanish-Language Ballots on Election Results and Preferences.” The paper described an online experiment testing the impact of Spanish-language ballots on the policy preferences of white, monolingual English-speaking voters.

Find the paper here.

Second Place, 2019 Houston Policy Challenge

Awarded second place in the 2019 Houston Centered Policy Challenge. Judged by Dwight Boykins, Houston city council member; Tory Gunsolley, president and CEO of the Houston Housing Authority; Amanda Timm, executive director of Local Initiatives Support Corporation; Tom McCasland, director of the City of Houston’s Housing and Community Development department and Stephan Fairfield, founder and CEO of Covenant Community Capital.

My team and I proposed a program which incentivizes homeowners in high-opportunity neighborhoods to construct ADUs & house voucher recipients. Our proposal prevents “NIMBYism” and community backlash to high-concentration public housing projects, and decentralizes low-income voucher recipients to high-opportunity neighborhoods.

See media here.

First Place, Baker Institute’s Undergraduate Public Policy Competition

Awarded first place in the Baker Institute Student Forum’s fifth annual undergraduate public policy competition. Judged by Dr. Luis Duno-Gottberg, Dr. Francisco J. Monaldi, H. Richard Sindelar, and Oscar Arredondo.

The award was in recognition of a 6000-word research paper and a 20 minute presentation on U.S. foreign policy toward the Western Hemisphere; my partner and I’s paper critiqued current mechanisms for distributing food aid to Haiti. Awarded prize money and publication in the Rice Journal of Public Policy (Spring 2019 issue).

See media here. Find the paper here.

First Place, 2018 Houston Policy Challenge

Awarded first place at Rice University’s inaugural Houston Centered Policy Design Competition. Judged by Houston Mayor Pro Tem Ellen Cohen; former president and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston, Lee Wunsch; City Council at-large 2 representative, David Robinson; director of Rice’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research, Bill Fulton; and “flood czar” Stephen Costello.

My partner and I proposed an innovative, multi-home buyout system for the Meyerland community in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. We recommended multi-home buyouts in order to address the “checkerboard effect” of home buyouts and also increase community solidarity. Awarded prize money and seed money for implementation.

See media here and here.

National Champion, International Extemporaneous Speaking

National Champion in International Extemporaneous Speaking. Sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations and EF Hutton. Competed against hundreds of high schoolers throughout 13 rounds.

See media here. Find the speech here.



Recreating a Table by the Economist Using Reactable

Use {reactable} to create publication-quality tables in R.

Mapping Police Violence

An interactive force diagram built in D3, featured on the Mapping Police Violence homepage.

Mobility and Predictors of Movement During COVID-19

An interactive Shiny dashboard presenting trends in mobility during COVID-19. Winner of the Data 2 Knowledge Lab’s COVID-19 Houston Response Projects competition.

Multiple Views: Recorded COVID-19 Cases, by County

An interactive D3 visualization of COVID-19 cases across counties and over time.

Are You Smarter Than a Criminal Justice Algorithm?

A quick game to see if you are more intelligent than an algorithm used to sentence millions of Americans.

Let Me Guess What You’re Doing Right Now

Using data from the American Time Use Survey, let me guess what you’re doing. Right now.

Trends in Refugee Acceptance, 2002 to 2019

And, how (and why) to create small multiples maps in R.

How Many People Have Had COVID-19?

A novel way to visualize COVID-19 case counts.

How Much Does Your State Spend on the Police?

An exploration of state police budgets, and what else those budgets could buy.

Kanye West’s Rebirth: How Being Reborn has Changed Kanye’s Music

How the release of Jesus is King ushered in a new era in Kanye West’s discography.

Mapping Houston Homicides

An exploration of homicides in Houston. Winner of the Houston track at the 2020 Rice Datathon.

Mapping Missing Migrants

Since 2014, over 34,000 migrants have died or went missing on their journeys to a better life. Where?

Mapping Opioid-Involved Overdose Deaths

An interactive, animated D3.js map visualization depicting opioid-involved overdose deaths in the US, from 1999 to 2017

Mask Wearing in Your County

An Observable notebook exploring COVID-19 mask wearing in your county, featuring a cool bivariate choropleth.

Police Killings in the United States, 2013-2018.

Each square represents one person who was killed by police between 2013 and 2018. Explore them for yourself.


What you listened to during quarantine.

Replicating Plots in R (Tidy Tuesday)

Using R to recreate publication-quality visuals.

Scrollytelling in R: Automation and Its Impact on Jobs

An interactive scrollytelling visualization, built exclusively in R Shiny.

Spikes in Firearm Background Checks During COVID-19

An analysis of firearm background checks during COVID-19.

The Birth, Death, and Rebirth of Kanye West

My final project for DSCI 304, Effective Data Visualization

The Race for Media Attention

A D3.js bar chart race depicting media mentions of 2020 presidential candidates over time. Built in Observable.

Who is the Most Popular Character in The Office?

Using transcript data to analyze whose winning the Office popularity content.

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