Blog Posts

COVID-19 Posts: A Public Dataset Containing 400+ COVID-19 Blog Posts

Making hundreds of COVID-19 blog posts from the R community available for public use.

COVID on Campus

Where university reopenings led to spikes in COVID-19 case counts.

Three Simple Steps to Bring Impressive Animations to your Hugo Academic Site Using Blogdown

Make your Hugo Academic homepage more engaging with a few lines of code.

Spikes in Firearm Background Checks During COVID-19

Visualizing the precipitous rise in gun sales during COVID-19

Recreating a Table by The Economist Using Reactable

Recreating a table by The Economist entirely in R, using {reactable}.

Create Dumbbell Plots to Visualize Group Differences in R

How to create dumbbell plots in R, using {ggalt}.

Trends in Refugee Acceptance, 2002 to 2019

Or, how a single line of code can create a beautiful small multiples US map.

Color in Data Visualization: Less How, More Why

An overview of the use of color in data visualization.

How (and Why) to Add a Chart to Your D3.js Tooltip

A few lines of code can make your D3 tooltips signficantly more informative.

Who Mentions Who in the Office?

Who is the most popular character in the Office?

Tidy Tuesday: Replication

Replicating a Bloomberg Graphics scatterplot using R Shiny.

Creating a Streetmap of Springfield, MO

Creating a beautiful streetmap of my hometown, exclusively in R!

How to Scrollytell in R: Automation and Its Impact on Jobs

Scrollytelling in R, because its easier than D3.

TidyTuesday: Powerlifting

Analyzing sex differences in top lifts at international powerlifting competitions.

Games and Guns

Is there a connection between video games and gun violence, as Republicans suggest?

Building my First Shiny App

Building my first Shiny app.

Texas Vaccination Rates (How to Use Rayshader)

A brief exploration of Texas vaccination rates among kindergartners, and an attempt to use rayshader for the first time.

My First Package! Introducing 'tpltheme'

Introducing tpltheme, a toolkit to create publication-ready plots in the style of the Texas Policy Lab.

Bible Babies: Exploring Biblically-Inspired Baby Names over Time

How has the distribution of Biblically-inspired baby names changed over time?

The Race for Media Attention

How has the media’s coverage of 2020 presidential candidates changed over time? Who is winning the race for media attention?